TGG Named a Top Provider of Digital Transformation and Agile Services

By TGG | December 14, 2023

We are excited to share that The Gunter Group was recently named one of the “10 Most Promising Agile Service Providers” in 2023 by CIOReview magazine. CIOReview conducted a nomination process during which TGG was identified for its Agile work, specifically within the area of Digital Transformation. The recognition was part of CIOReview’s special Agile edition in early December.  

TGG’s results-driven support for organizations undertaking large-scale digital transformation has proven to be a valuable resource for numerous clients as the imperative for digital transformation grows across industries.

Angela Tekulve, Principal Consultant, commented: 

“Our team acts as a force to unite the leadership team, setting them up for success as change agents for their organization. We deliver necessary training, a well-defined roadmap, and a robust plan to guide clients from their present state to the end state.”

When it comes to digital transformation work, TGG leans on its listen-first approach and digital readiness assessment kit to help organizations avoid digital pitfalls like the lack of a shared vision, misaligned culture and change management, under-resourced digital programs, and ambiguous digital operating models.

The TGG tool kit is effective in identifying and evaluating six domains of digital capabilities typically observed in high-performing digital businesses. These include leadership and strategy alignment, customer-focused values, company culture, technology readiness, the process for resourcing, governance, continuous delivery practice (Agile), and existing digital program structure. It is designed to provide a nuanced understanding of organizations’ digital maturity, empowering organizations with first-hand insights into the gaps and opportunities for improvement in the operation models. 

When considering the challenges of digital transformations Matt Bader, TGG Partner, acknowledged: 

“Common challenges for business leaders undertaking a digital transformation pertain to the cross-functional nature of orchestrating a complex, enterprise-wide change. Divergence of perspectives among senior decision-makers can also present problems, which result in digital transformation efforts often being clouded with confusion and differing interpretations.”

TGG is humbled by the CIOReview recognition and is proud of its ability to unite leadership teams and tailor the approach to their culture and needs for complex, challenging digital transformation initiatives.

Read the full CIOReview profile on TGG here:

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