We value creative solutions over rigid structure. With a growing team of diverse, experienced and values-driven experts, our listen-first philosophy provides companies of every size and industry with effective solutions that align with their culture and objectives.


With a cost-conscious and insightful approach that unites IT and business, we bring innovative solutions across technical environments.

Decision Insights & Data Services


Organizations are constantly collecting data and have access to more of it than ever. Yet many aren’t using it to deliver true business value. We work closely with your teams to help them make the leap from simply collecting data and performing basic reporting to ultimately gaining actionable business insights.

We help you utilize complex algorithms and artificial intelligence solutions to maximize insights from dataset segmentation to market analysis. Our commitment to understanding your business challenges enables us to transform data into meaningful information, which we deliver in interactive visual dashboards.

We focus on finding actionable insights and informing business decisions through data. Our style is collaborative by nature and we work hard to integrate with your existing analytical resources to ensure a team approach. Our success is measured by our ability to help you drive business value through analytics.

Agile Practice


The true power of Agile software development is in its iterative and transparent nature. By design, Agile processes reflect the culture of the organization using them, which makes implementation simultaneously challenging and highly rewarding. We can help your organization design and execute an Agile implementation that reflects your unique business requirements. We also provide ongoing support by coaching your agile team, to help tailor agile frameworks to your organization’s needs and nature.

Agile management was born from the need to iteratively develop software in a way that checked and rechecked requirements while providing value and timely problem identification. We blend our experience in Agile environments with knowledge of best practices, all with the goal of helping you select the aspects of small-team structure and iterative planning that best fit your situation. As your organizations adopt these concepts in other parts of your IT and Business environments, we can help you with customization and implementation unique to your team and environment.

Enterprise Architecture & Advisory Services


Proper development of your technology strategy and solutions requires an objective approach coupled with business-focused technical insight. We offer Enterprise and Solution Architecture services to guide organizations through all phases of planning and execution.

As we engage, our team conducts upfront analysis and design in partnership with business and technology teams. We leverage our experience in Enterprise Architecture with best practices in business analysis and strategy development to provide a tech assessment and roadmap. Given the dynamic nature of tech, we also provide ongoing advisory services that ensure iterative reassessment of your tech strategy and architecture.

In addition, for organizations of all sizes, we’ve developed Enterprise Architecture as a Service or EAaaS. If you’re interested in learning how you can add architecture to your enterprise capability, click here

Management, Strategy, & Operations


Proper development of your technology strategy and solutions requires an objective approach coupled with business-focused, technical insight. We believe that a business perspective is key in all technology decisions. A strong understanding of current and future states, as well as the path to transformation, are critical success factors.

Our team begins an engagement with a comprehensive assessment in partnership with your business and technology teams. We invest the time up front, aligning technology possibilities with your business needs to select and implement holistic, scalable solutions.

Technology-based projects are complicated. All too often they are scoped, funded, and embarked upon without a full understanding of the underlying factors that will ensure success. We believe that successfully delivering technical projects transcends simple
‘management.’ A responsible approach includes change management, data-driven decision making, project dashboarding, and regular communications to stakeholders.


We help our clients get things done by working alongside key stakeholders and teams to plan key initiatives and deliver critical results.

Program & Project Leadership


Rather than dwelling on methodology or burdensome process, we believe the key component to successful projects is leadership. We lead programs and projects to successful completion by applying our experience and tailoring our approach to your organization’s situation and environment – regardless of size, complexity, regulation, or maturity. We fundamentally measure our success from your perspective, as we firmly believe that project management must always be focused on serving the organization.

Our team has a breadth and depth of experience in scoping and planning projects to establish the right framework to launch and manage the work. We embrace process…but only to the extent that it allows your teams to do their jobs.

At the conclusion of our planning process, there will be a joint understanding of how the work will be managed, executed and the steps needed to achieve your goal. The ultimate measure of success is delivering on objectives.

We work hard to integrate with stakeholders, work teams, and everyone involved to ensure the right elements are implemented at the right scale for every initiative. Relationships and communication are as important as project plans and methodologies. Our team members work with you, not consult to you.

Business & Systems Analysis


From eliciting and documenting business or technical requirements to developing process or systems maps, our Business and Systems Analysts provide key data to inform critical evidence-based decision making. They understand how the different parts of a company come together as a whole and how the various pieces work and support each other. Bringing a diligent work ethic, experience and transparency, our consultants are experienced problem solvers and know how to bridge the gap between stakeholders across all the functions in your organization.

Our Business and Systems Analysts work as a trusted extension to your team, but are not afraid to bring an independent perspective to the challenges they tackle. They bring more than standard analysis by becoming strategic partners and adding value where it’s most needed.

Operations & Process Improvement


Systematic and thoughtful examination of how work gets done in your organization can lead to meaningful improvements in both effectiveness and efficiency.  However, achieving this goal when committed to existing ways of doing business can be challenging. We lead your team through a structured process to assess and improve  operational and business processes, which can have a direct and positive impact on quality, reductions in waste, and greater employee satisfaction, ultimately resulting in higher value for your organization.

Companies  must continue to adapt and improve over time in response to the increasing and constant pace of change, but struggle to step away from the daily demands of the business in order to assess, identify, and implement thoughtful solutions. Our experienced consultants work with your organization  to truly understand the nuances of your business, identify root causes of issues and develop creative approaches to help tackle the challenges and inefficiencies that hold you back. Our strength lies in acting as a catalyst to identify and drive long-term operational improvements.


We empower companies to align their people and strategic objectives to maximize results.

Organizational Design


Creating the right organization is like building a house:  it is both an art and a science. Everything starts with the foundation and structure, which are shaped by the environment, resources and needs of its inhabitants. There are a lot  of things that can impact your organizational structure, such as your staff and their capabilities, company culture, the industry and your financial position. At The Gunter Group, we start with your strategy and then layer on all of the other factors to design a structure that works for your organization. 

The result is an action plan that reflects your goals, leverages your people in the best possible way,  and ensures the right level of collaboration, all while being as cost effective as possible.

We connect your organization’s strategic business efforts with the structure and roles best suited to deliver on those commitments.  We bring an approach and a mindset that helps you connect these areas to drive business value.

Change Management


People are hardwired to be cautious of change. In today’s rapidly-evolving business climate, organizations must find ways to support employees through these inevitable changes. From restructuring to software implementations to mergers,  and everything in between, we partner with your team to make sure employees and partners understand, support and adopt the desired change.

We start by listening to understand your goals and then make sure your strategy, processes, systems and people are all lined up to get you there.  We work with all levels of an organization to provide support and are just as comfortable with front line staff as we are in the boardroom.

During our work with you, we will:

  • Understand the impact of your change and who is involved
  • Invite key employees and partners to join us in creating a plan
  • Provide messages and prepare leaders as they show their support for the change
  • Capture, communicate and drive training for the change
  • Ensure your structure, roles and compensation package support your change
  • Evaluate how well employees and partners are making the change

Leadership Coaching


There is no one-size-fits-all method to leadership coaching. Our approach to coaching is specific to the individual leader and workplace environment. We believe in strength-based coaching, meaning we want to take your strong points and help you be world class in those areas while also making sure we round out any areas that may be getting in your way.

Effective coaching requires understanding context, expectations, and culture.  We begin with a 360 assessment to gauge both your strengths and what is holding you back.  We then take the output of the assessment and jointly create a plan that outlines a path forward.  

We meet regularly over a 3-6 month period to understand how things are going, talk through obstacles, and ensure progress.  We ask you tough questions that help you to look at your situation in a different light, and we make suggestions or brainstorm solutions to guarantee that our joint plan is on track.

There are rarely any easy answers, however, our collaborative approach allows leaders to think through opportunities and challenges in new ways and provides an impartial sounding board to work through creative solutions.

Employee Engagement & Organizational Culture


Employee engagement extends far beyond simply measuring employee satisfaction; it can be defined as a measure of employee commitment to the organization.  This commitment is critical to driving company performance and outcomes. Engagement isn’t a soft or fuzzy concept – it’s essential to organizational success. It is the act of including all employees in a conversation about what would make an organization better and then including each and every one of them in an action plan to drive positive changes.

We work alongside your team  to determine an individualized approach to improving engagement and empowering employees to leverage their strengths. 

We also seek to uncover underlying opportunities for growth to sustain long-term results and  support a vibrant workplace. An engaged culture will yield employees who are not only excited to come to work, but are also committed to contributing to the success of the organization as a whole.

We see employee engagement as one of the most critical components to long-term success.  We take a pragmatic approach to identifying opportunities and work to embed engagement as a key part of organizational strategy.


Capitalizing on existing strengths, we lead executives and their teams to develop and implement plans that allow them to reach their strategic objectives.

Strategy Development


Our pragmatic approach to effective strategic planning is grounded in working closely alongside your team to identify and articulate an actionable and focused plan. We partner with your people  to understand existing strengths, goals, challenges, and culture. Armed with a complete picture of your organization, we lead the team through a practical strategic planning process to identify high level objectives, the initiatives or projects needed to achieve them, and the success metrics required  to track and measure progress.

This collaborative approach results in consensus among your team, building the critical motivation and engagement necessary to implement the plan. We don’t create large binders that sit on a shelf. We focus on actionable outputs that can lead your organization forward.

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