We value creative solutions over rigid structure. With a growing team of diverse, experienced and values-driven experts, our listen-first philosophy provides companies of every size and industry with effective solutions that align with their culture and objectives.


With a cost-conscious and insightful approach that unites IT and business, we bring innovative solutions across technical environments.

Decision Insights & Data Services


We work closely with your teams to help make the leap from simply collecting data and performing basic reporting to ultimately gaining strategic and actionable business insights. From streamlining analytics to utilizing complex algorithms and AI, we meet you where you are and maximize actionable data analysis.

Our commitment to understanding your business challenges enables us to transform data into meaningful information which delivers true business value.

Agile Practice


The true power of Agile development is in its iterative and transparent nature. We can help your organization design and execute an Agile implementation that reflects your unique business requirements. We also provide ongoing support by coaching your agile team, and help tailor agile frameworks to your organization’s needs and nature.

At The Gunter Group, our goal is to help you select, build, and implement specific elements of agile practice and iterative planning that best fit your business landscape.

Enterprise Architecture & Advisory Services


Proper development of your technology strategy and solutions requires an objective approach coupled with business-focused technical insight. We conduct upfront analysis and design, in partnership with business and technology teams, where we leverage business analysis and strategy development to provide a tech assessment and roadmap featuring actionable and pragmatic recommendations.

Given the dynamic nature of technology, we also provide ongoing advisory services that ensure iterative reassessment of your tech debt, tech strategy, and architecture.

In addition, for organizations of all sizes, we’ve developed Enterprise Architecture as a Service or EAaaS. To learn more about Enterprise Architecture as a Service, click here


We help our clients get things done by working alongside key stakeholders and teams to plan key initiatives and deliver critical results.

Program & Project Leadership


We help clients lead their most challenging and complex initiatives. Rather than dwelling on methodology or burdensome process we believe the key component to successful projects is leadership. We fundamentally measure success from your perspective, as we firmly believe that program and project management must always be focused on serving the organization and its broader strategy. 

Our team has a breadth and depth of experience in scoping and planning projects to establish the right framework to launch, manage, and sustain the work, keeping the impact of change in mind the entire time. Our team members work with you, not consult to you.

Business & Systems Analysis


From eliciting and documenting business or technical requirements to developing process or system maps, our Business and Systems Analysts provide key findings and assets to inform critical evidence-based decision making.

At TGG, our Business and Systems Analysts work as a trusted extension to your team, but are not afraid to bring independent perspective to the challenges they tackle. We believe that helping organizations gain a true understanding of their current and future state is vital for change to be successful.

Operations & Process Improvement


Meaningful improvements in operational effectiveness and efficiency result from systemic and thoughtful examination of how work gets done in your organization. This is a challenging goal to set and achieve especially while continuing to carry out existing business operations. We lead your team through a structured process to assess and improve operational and business processes, which can lead to enhanced quality, reductions in waste, greater employee satisfaction, and ultimately higher value for your organization.

Our experienced consultants work with your organization to truly understand the nuances of your business, identify root causes of issues and develop creative approaches to tackle challenges and inefficiencies limiting your business. 


We empower companies to align their people and strategic objectives to maximize results.

Organizational Design


Creating the right organization is like building a house: it is both an art and a science. Everything starts with the foundation and structure, which are shaped by the environment, resources, and fundamental needs. At The Gunter Group, we start with your strategy and then purposefully and systematically layer on additional elements to design an organization structure that not only works but thrives.

The result is an action plan that reflects your goals, leverages your people in the best way possible, and ensures the right level of collaboration, equipping and enabling your team to achieve its strategic objectives.

Change Management


People are hardwired to be cautious of change. However, in today’s rapidly-evolving business climate, organizations must find ways to support employees through inevitable changes. From operational restructuring to software implementations and everything in between, we partner with your team to ensure employees and stakeholders understand, support, and adopt the desired change.

We start by listening and working with all levels of an organization to provide support. Our team is just as comfortable with the front line staff as we are in the boardroom. We approach your change as if it was our change, and your people, as if they were our people, with a foundation of respect. 

Leadership Coaching


There is no one-size-fits-all method to leadership coaching. Effective coaching requires understanding context, expectations, and culture. Our approach to coaching is specific to the individual leader and workplace environment. We begin with a 360 assessment to gauge strengths and identify what may be holding you back.

There are rarely easy answers, however our collaborative approach allows leaders to think through opportunities and challenges in new ways and provides an impartial sounding board to work through creative solutions that move individual and organizational goals forward.

Employee Engagement & Organizational Culture


Employee engagement extends far beyond simply measuring employee satisfaction; rather it can be defined as a measure of employee commitment to the organization. Engagement is not a soft or fuzzy concept – it is essential to organizational success.

We work alongside your team to determine an individualized approach to improving engagement, organizational culture, and empowering all employees to leverage their strengths. We strive to embed employee engagement as a key part of organizational strategy and DNA, that contributes to the success of the organization as a whole.


We guide executives and their teams through the experience of setting a strategy and seeing it through to success.

Strategy Creation


Strategic Planning. We guide senior leaders and their teams through the process of strategic planning to determine where you’re going, how you’ll get there, and why that direction is right for you.

Using proven methods tailored to individual situations, we facilitate experiences that bring focus and alignment to an organization.

Articulation. You’re ready to move. We help drive change with audience-centered narratives that spark and sustain action.



We bridge the gap between strategy creation and strategy execution by structuring the governance framework for ongoing decision making and progress tracking.

Need more help implementing your new strategic initiatives? As a full-service firm, our team of skilled project leaders can take the wheel, plug into governance, and press forward to delivery.

From project execution to people initiatives to technology solutions, we’ve got you covered.

Strategy Management


Plan Cadence. We help you create adoption and discipline around ongoing strategy iteration and execution.

Strategy Office Advisory. We bring thought partnership to teach and ingrain strategy best practices.

Expertise. We connect your strategy with access to firm experts in the areas of technology, execution, organizational design, and culture.

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