Enterprise Architecture as a Service


We consistently hear that third-party enterprise architecture is out of reach. We’ve listened to a broad range of potential barriers: from limited budget, to not needing a full-time enterprise architect, to wanting a service more focused on IT decision support.
In response, The Gunter Group developed EAaaS. This agile service is designed to deliver iterative enterprise architecture value to clients at a level appropriate to each client’s needs. Balancing budget against various thresholds of value using tiered engagement levels, The Gunter Group makes it easy for technical organizations of all sizes to leverage our broad, multi-industry, and cross-functional enterprise architecture experience.
Our client engagements begin with a current state analysis for initial discovery of business goals and priorities, IT strategy, project roadmaps and plans, tech stack review, the design of the IT organization and its expected routine deliverables, etc. Through this discovery process we produce an initial assessment and a set of recommendations for the whole IT organization. Following the assessment, our enterprise architects will establish an engagement and meeting cadence with the relevant IT stakeholders to deliver on the objectives defined collaboratively. Our EAaaS engagements are meant to provide long-term support at a price point that matches the scale of service. This drives down long-term cost to a level affordable for most IT groups within public- and private-sector organizations.

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A solution sized to fit your needs

EAaaS service level feature comparison

Advisory Execution Enterprise

Required: Current-State Analysis

We Advise you on how to build a roadmap

Quarterly Roadmap Check-in

On demand EA Support

We CREATE  your Enterprise Tech Roadmap

Quarterly Roadmap Reassessment/Revision

We ADVISE on Roadmapping to Departments (up to 4)

We EXPAND your Roadmapping to Departments (up to 4)

Targeted Architectural Support for Specific IT Verticals

Solution Architectural Support (Enterprise Initiatives)

Possible Add-on Services

Ad Hoc Architectural Diagrams

Reference Architecture

Business Architectural & Process Architectural

Point Solutions Analysis

Specific Capability Roadmaps/Gaps Analysis

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