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Are you collaborative, curious, and confident? Do you thrive in ambiguity, keep your ego in check, and listen first? Do you bring your whole self to everything you do with the utmost integrity? If so, you might belong at The Gunter Group.


At TGG we believe that every individual comes to the table with a unique and valuable skill set.


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“I love the focus on producing great work and client satisfaction by matching the right people to the right work and letting them put their skills and experience into practice.”

— TGG Team Member

Our Non-Negotiables


Collaboration makes us smarter, stronger, faster, and more creative. Working at The Gunter Group gives you access to an impressive network of colleagues with a wide range of skills and experience eager to support you. We bring a collaborative mindset to every situation to create community as well as success for ourselves and the clients we serve.


As a mission-driven company, we are deeply committed to acting in the best interest of our employees, our clients, and our community. We interpret integrity as more than simply doing the right thing - integrity to us is something to actively pursue and a standard we hold for ourselves and each other, no matter who’s looking.


Life as a consultant requires the ability to learn quickly, ask good questions, and keep an open mind. At The Gunter Group, we surround ourselves with lifelong learners who genuinely enjoy diving into the unknown. Our “listen first” approach depends on genuine curiosity and trusting our process to lead us to the best possible solutions.


Our clients hire us to create clarity in complex situations, often operating on imperfect information in ever-changing conditions. It’s essential that we remain flexible while tackling problems in a systematic way. Gunter Group consultants are especially good at not only navigating ambiguity but thriving in it with resilience, tenacity, and optimism.


The ability to quickly understand and adapt to the needs of others, picking up on the subtle and not so subtle cues around us, is imperative for any effective consultant. When your colleagues all have an exceptionally high “EQ,” it creates an inclusive environment where each person is safe to show up and contribute fully. At The Gunter Group, we actively cultivate our emotional intelligence as individuals and as an organization.


We believe that true humility is knowing your value while checking your ego at the door. At The Gunter Group, we focus on results over titles or accolades. Our consultants are as unassuming as they are courageous and equally at home in the boardroom as in the trenches.

We’re always looking for talented new teammates who share our commitment to our “Non-Negotiables.” When we say “non-negotiable,” we mean just that.


We can teach you new skills, you can gain new experience, and master the latest tools and technology. But we don’t compromise when it comes to the core values and traits that define us and everything we do.


Hear how we approach our “Non-Negotiables” in this video with our founders, Mike and Ashleigh Gunter.



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An Inside Look at Being a TGG Consultant

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TGG was created to be different, to be relational, to be insightful, and to maximize potential for our consultants, our clients, and our community. We listen first so we can learn, analyze, and deliver meaningful solutions for our clients. Our compass points towards our people and our “Non-Negotiables” always. Our driven employees make us who we are — a talented team of leaders with deep and diverse professional experience.

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