Oregon, Washington and The Pacific Northwest

With big city amenities and a small town vibe, our founders, Mike and Ashleigh Gunter, saw an opportunity to bring a fresh approach to Portland’s consulting market built upon true partnership with clients and meaningful engagement in the community. 

The Gunter Group’s Portland hub continues to grow through transformational partnerships and proudly offers a full suite of management consulting and enterprise solutions for public and private sector clients across Oregon, Washington and The Pacific Northwest. With proven track records in consumer goods, retail, technology, health care, government, energy, education, and more, our team of consultants represent a diverse range of skills and experience to help clients navigate rapid change while staying true to their core values.

We pride ourselves on helping established companies and start-ups alike maximize their potential and long-term success. Whether supporting a single initiative or delivering comprehensive strategy and execution, we are dedicated to helping companies of all sizes solve their most challenging business problems.  

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The Gunter Group
4380 S Macadam Ave, Suite 110
Portland, OR 97239


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Phone Number: (971) 373-8987

Email: info@guntergroup.com

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