By Laura Emily | June 27, 2019

An Artist’s Insight Into Running a Successful Marketing Program

As a ceramics hobbyist, Tracy Bell is well practiced adapting to changing circumstances. “What results from 2381℉ is amazing,” says Tracy, “but your piece might not turn out exactly as intended, regardless of best-laid plans.” Knowing what you can transform – and how – are valuable skills, not only in the world of ceramics, but program leadership as well. Tracy called on that knowledge – and over twenty years of program leadership experience – when she led a $2.5M strategic marketing program at one of our clients.

Despite strong national brand awareness, our client recognized that many potential customers weren’t actually considering their services. To favorably shift that consideration, they wanted to launch an events-based marketing strategy in order to deliver a consistent, differentiated presence in several large key markets. 

In her role as marketing program lead, Tracy worked with the client to define their business objectives and identify success metrics. In partnership with outside agency partners, she established timelines, budgets, and marketing plans that they would use to improve brand consideration. By working closely with senior leaders, Tracy facilitated buy-in of the program. With an approved plan, goals, metrics, and budget in place, it was time to turn up the heat!

But like a pot that cracks in the kiln, the unexpected did arise. When faced with budget reductions, funding constraints, and staffing limitations, Tracy adapted to these new realities and helped the client adjust their plan accordingly. The result? Improved ROI on their marketing dollars and a whole new perception of the client’s brand for thousands of potential customers.

“As a potter,” says Tracy, “I’ve learned that the process of creating something beautiful and functional is rarely uneventful. However, just like building a program from the ground up, progress over perfection delivers results well worth the effort!”

Tracy is known for her ability to jump into a new situation, quickly adapt to its unique demands, and lead teams to a common goal. She has two decades of experience in strategic planning and execution and brings a well-rounded view to the table with a background in marketing, product management, and business development. One thing that holds steady across roles is her aptitude for connecting the dots across an organization to reveal opportunities, efficiencies, and possibilities. Tracy holds an M.B.A from the University of Minnesota and a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Iowa State University. Outside of work, Tracy enjoys spending time outdoors; camping, running, and biking.

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