By TGG | January 12, 2023

We are excited to share that The Gunter Group was recently named one of the “10 Most Promising Agile Service Providers” by CIOReview magazine. TGG was identified through a nomination process for its ongoing and impactful agile work across a variety of industries and organizational levels. The recognition was part of CIOReview’s 5th annual Agile Edition of the publication.

When asked about TGG’s approach to agile initiatives, Principal Consultant and Agile Services Lead Jim Calko commented: 

“We work to seamlessly develop the agile programs that impact the most important strategic initiatives for our clients. To achieve this we take a collaborative approach which results in consensus among the clients’ teams and leads their organizations forward with ease.”

TGG’s unique approach to supporting client partners’ efforts to transform elements of their businesses starts with a committed focus as noted by TGG Partner Matt Bader:

“Companies don’t seek to transform to become experts at agile, they seek to transform to better support their customers and achieve better business outcomes. Our firm places a relentless focus on our clients’ strategic goals by bringing agile expertise and experiences as a capability to help them get there.”

Read the full CIOReview profile on TGG here:

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