By TGG | October 29, 2021

We love welcoming new teammates to the TGG family! Over the past year we’ve had a variety of talented professionals come onboard, add to our culture, and help clients maximize their potential.  

Recently, we held a TGG Roundtable with three teammates who joined us this year to discuss their transition to, and time with, The Gunter Group. We invite you to read the questions and answers below, ranging from first impressions, to client work, and even TGG’s four legged friends.

Thank you for taking time to visit today. To get us started, can you share when you joined The Gunter Group and briefly tell us about your professional background? 

Heidi Brown: I think I might be the newest in this group, my start date was September 13th. My professional background consists of time in technology and healthcare, and work centered around systems analysis, project management, and program management.  

Samya Thangaraj: My first day with TGG was June 1st, 2021 and my background is in strategic work focused on healthcare and technology, data visualization, business analysis, and employee engagement.  

Anton Cotelo: Well, I moved to the United States from Spain in March of this year and started with TGG on June 15th, 2021. A large part of my professional background is centered on industrial engineering, project management, and data analysis.

What are three words you would use to describe your time at TGG so far?

Heidi: Supported, engaged, and challenged.

Samya:  I was going to use “supported” and “challenged” also! I’ll go with community, growth, and fun!

Anton: Engaged, professional, and friendly.

What were your first impressions of TGG?

Heidi: When I started the interview process I immediately found that the TGG team had authentic soft skills and strong professional skills as well. This made the process very refreshing and genuine. I felt that the TGG team really wanted to understand my background and skill sets.

Samya: How personable everyone is, really stood out to me. I also appreciated that everyone has each other’s best interests in mind and the emphasis on technical skills but equally important, personal skills.

Anton: My first impression started before any of my interviews because I really tried to become familiar with the company and the leaders at the company. In that process it seemed like TGG was a family environment and once I started talking to more and more people with TGG, I could feel the family environment right away. It wasn’t forced, it was very natural between everyone in the company. The entire team was incredibly helpful, always available, welcoming, and checked in regularly.  

How are you currently supporting a client organization?

Heidi: Right now I’m helping a global sportswear manufacturer create a strategic roadmap that helps support a large end-to-end workflow.

Samya: I’m working with a client on a large data migration project between two platforms, and identifying ways to make the systems and reports more efficient and effective on the new platform.

Anton: I am helping a client automate and streamline processes in order to free up time for the organization’s personnel so they have more time to spend on high level strategic initiatives and developments for the company.

What do you see being something that is really important for organizations to consider and/or develop in your area of consulting in the next 1-3 years?

Heidi: The first thing that comes to my mind, working in a space with a lot of systems that need to talk to each other in real time, is the need to focus on strengthening organizational culture and engineering around APIs and data integration across systems.

Samya: In terms of the technology space, integrating and updating platforms and software while streamlining reporting to help make it more valuable, efficient, and effective.  

Anton: There are a lot of trends but I think it’s critical to walk before you run, especially in regards to data and technology. Really gaining an understanding of where your organization currently stands and identifying what the best path forward is for your group.  

What have you enjoyed most about your time with TGG so far?

Heidi: I’d have to say the number of people who have been willing to support me along the way, with both internal and external circumstances. It’s really helped me hit the ground running.

Samya: In short answer I would say the people. To elaborate a little I would say working with such a diverse group of skill sets and talented people across various spaces has been awesome. And getting to meet people one-on-one has made it even more enjoyable! 

Anton: The cross-functional, yet compatible skills of the team has been really cool to see — and when I say skills I mean hard skills and soft skills both. 

We’ll end on an easy one, with all the talk about dogs at recent TGG events — who from TGG has the cutest dog?  

Heidi: Dan’s new puppy, for sure!

Samya: Well I have to say my own dog, Garbanzo, of course!

Anton: Trisha’s definitely because it’s the only TGG dog I’ve actually held.

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