By Laura Emily | February 1, 2018

The Gunter Group is a proud supporter of veterans, currently employing 7 veterans who provide exceptional value to our team. We were recognized in 2016 by Marine for Life (M4L) for our commitment to hiring veterans and our support of a local veterans networking community called Vetwork PDX.

Vetwork PDX was co-founded by one of our own, Matt Baderas a way to help veterans connect and build valuable relationships in Portland. Vetwork PDX takes an organic approach to building a strong community of veterans in the Portland area by holding a variety of networking events where veterans can build meaningful and lasting relationships in an enjoyable setting.​ Vetwork PDX describes their unique service to veterans as “a high value connector of veterans to each other, partners/sponsors, and the business community.”

We are excited to announce that another one of our own, Tony Schweiss, has recently established a Vetwork chapter in Reno, Nevada. To date, Vetwork RNO has hosted several Gunter Group sponsored events and has quickly grown from 6 to approximately 20 members.

All Vetwork events are free for veterans and community partners. If you are interested in joining or learning more, please refer to the links below. We would love to see you at our next event!

Reno area:

Vetwork RNO Meetup group

Vetwork RNO LinkedIn group

Portland area:

Vetwork PDX website

Vetwork PDX Meetup group

Vetwork PDX LinkedIn group

Pictured below is the group from the most recent Vetwork RNO event at the Pinon Bottle Co, sponsored by The Gunter Group.