The Gunter Group prioritizes and focuses on our “people first” mission, and it is with great excitement that we recognize Jim Calko for his 10 years of service with TGG. Not only is Jim one of our most tenured team members, he is also TGG’s newest Principal having been promoted to the position in the fall of 2022.  

Jim was one of TGG’s earliest hires when he joined the firm in 2013 after serving for over five years in The United States Army. Jim’s service and leadership in the Army immediately added significant value to our young organization. Since joining TGG Jim has served in a variety of roles including: Consultant, Internal Operations, New Hire Ambassador, Manager, and Agile Services Lead. Jim’s experience and diverse background has been an impactful building block for our growth and success over the past decade. His ability to successfully drive change within various client organizations and focus on leading teams through digital and agile transformations has helped a wide range of client partners achieve their short and long term goals. 

When asked about Jim’s time with the firm and promotion to Principal, Partner Tony Schweiss stated: 

“From our earliest days as a firm, Jim naturally aligned with our goal to help organizations achieve success by delivering great work through building great relationships. He has been, and continues to be a great extension of our organizational culture and values. TGG is honored and proud to have Jim as part of our senior leadership team. Jim lives our non-negotiables on a daily basis and shares our drive toward personal excellence, building a high-performing team, and maximizing client potential through world class client service.”

We want to congratulate Jim on his 10 years with The Gunter Group, and we look forward to Jim continuing to help lead our firm as we work together to help our clients, consultants, and communities thrive!


As our firm continues to grow and position itself for the journey ahead, developing and promoting leaders within our firm is of the utmost importance and focus. 

Therefore, it is with great excitement that we announce Stephen Bacon as the newest Principal at The Gunter Group.

Stephen joined TGG in early 2017 and brought with him a wide-ranging professional background in change management, along with strategy development and oversight experience spanning numerous industries. During his time with TGG, Stephen has been instrumental in leading The Gunter Group’s Strategy Practice, managing large-scale engagements, leading teams of TGG consultants, and developing client relationships. 

When asked about the announcement TGG Partner Matt Bader stated: 

“Stephen’s growth in the profession of consulting is something that he should be really proud of and something that I hope others on our team look to for inspiration. He has put in hard work and dedication to all areas of consulting leadership at TGG. Our clients and our own team are benefiting greatly because of his efforts. He has become a trusted leader and thought partner across our client base and has furthered the capabilities of our team to lead strategic initiatives for our clients. We are grateful to have him on the TGG team.”    

We are excited and proud to have Stephen join the senior leadership team at TGG. Stephen is an excellent extension of our non-negotiables, passion for maximizing client potential, and commitment to service. 

We are pleased to have Stephen step into this leadership role and continue to contribute to the impact we strive to achieve in our consultants’ and clients’ lives!