How to Create an Impactful, Actionable Strategy

Strategic planning is a powerful process when done well. It’s one thing to articulate where your organization is going, but detailing how it will get there is often where the gaps begin to show.

What you’re setting out to achieve is a pragmatic roadmap that sets the course for your vision to become a reality. Don't let common pitfalls become the bottleneck that derails your plan.

Discover the 7 Pitfalls of Strategic Planning

You have a vision. But you also have competing priorities, multiple stakeholders, and shifting market demands. Rather than ending with another strategic plan that goes nowhere, you need an actionable plan that puts your team on a path to execution and success.


The pitfalls are in the process. Use a focused planning process to build and align on a strong strategic plan; avoid overwhelming your team and organization with ideas that never come to life.


Download this strategic plan framework to take away:

  • Pitfalls that, if avoided, can improve your strategic planning process and results
  • A visual framework to explain your approach to strategic planning
  • Key elements to designing an impactful, actionable strategy
  • Terminology to align your organization

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