Growth Strategy Implementation

Growth Strategy Implementation


Over the course of two years, our client experienced massive growth at over 1,400%! To support their rapid growth in a scalable manner, they needed a strategic plan. They sought our services to develop a growth strategy by increasing visibility and focus on areas of importance during a cash-constrained period.


We began by developing a strategic growth plan in conjunction with our client’s  leadership team. Several strategic opportunities were identified, but as we progressed in our partnership it became clear that the most pressing need was a solid business foundation to enable growth. We determined a need for full process re-designs throughout multiple business areas including Sales, Operations, and Customer Service. We prioritized multiple initiatives including process re-design, automation of sales paperwork, and a customer relationship management (CRM) system overhaul. Throughout implementation of the various initiatives, we advised the team on continuous improvement and customer experience opportunities.


We significantly reduced manual processes and duplicative processing, while establishing consistent operational practices throughout the entire company. The sales paperwork automation project resulted in significant reduction of defects, faster sales cycle times, and improved customer experience. A new CRM application was successfully implemented across the business to stabilize new processes, improve cross-functional visibility, and streamline new customer onboarding. The CRM also allowed the company to begin managing their customer acquisition campaigns electronically. These initiatives directly reduced the “cash-in-hand” time for new sales, improved lead generation, reduced chargebacks, and enhanced the overall cash flow.


  • Employee retention improved.
  • Client has continued to grow to scale.
  • Cash flow has improved.
  • New CRM application streamlined processes and clarified roles.

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