On September 24th three members of The Gunter Group LLC (TGG)  gathered at Golden Valley Brewery in Beaverton to share stories and a couple of drinks.  TGG consultants Matt Bader, Jim Calko, and Tony Schweiss sat together on the front patio enjoying the conversation but they weren’t alone. The three mingled with other Portland area military veterans at the September Vetwork PDX event. Matt, Jim, and Tony are three veterans (Air Force, Army, and Navy, respectively) that are now proud to be part of The Gunter Group’s team of consultants.

The organization that brought the group together on this September evening, Vetwork PDX, was founded by TGG associate Matt Bader in 2013 as a simple but effective way to give back to the men and women who have served in our nation’s armed Forces.   The group is dedicated to building lasting and meaningful relationships within Portland’s veteran community.  Jim Calko, another TGGer, has been a mainstay attendee at Vetwork PDX over the course of the last year.

In addition to providing a social connection for veterans in Portland, it has turned out to be a great way to network professionally.  Ashleigh Gunter, Partner at The Gunter Group had this to say: “Vetwork PDX has been a great way for us to meet some amazing talent.”  Founder Mike Gunter said “The veterans in our company have been fantastic additions to our team.  We actively look for team members with backgrounds that are not always typical for consulting, and their experiences and diverse skillsets have allowed them to thrive in our firm. The critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in the armed services translate well into the world of client service, where emotional intelligence, adaptability, and practical solutions are critical”.

The Gunter Group also recently hired Vetwork PDX attendee Tony Schweiss. Tony, an ex-Navy officer, was working in the construction industry and looking for his next career move when he connected with the group. Tony recalls, “As I transitioned out of the Navy, I saw clearly that the leadership and team building programs I had the opportunity to direct while serving as an officer were unique when comparing myself to my peers in the private sector.  The Gunter Group has a record of recognizing the value of my experience, and Vetwork PDX was an engine to foster the relationship between The Gunter Group and me.”

The Gunter Group is an emerging business consulting firm that has sought to build a different type of consulting firm from the very beginning of its existence. The firm has always believed there is a better way to continually deliver high value client service and in turn has looked to recruit and hire talent a bit differently as well. Veteran recruiting is an area in which the firm has been actively involved since 2011, and to date roughly 20% of the company has some form of active duty military experience.

When asked about his thoughts on The Gunter Group and the future of veteran hiring, Matt Bader had the following to say: “Portland is an amazing city and a great place to live, but isn’t known for having a significant military presence or an active veterans’ community. I faced a ton of challenges transitioning out of the military and into a career that I loved. I feel so lucky to have landed with an organization that not only recognizes the skills and experiences I bring to the table as a veteran but that is also open to growing the number of veterans within the organization. I truly see our willingness to bring on vets as a competitive advantage within the consulting industry.”

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